Is it Time? Maybe.

Here is what you know.  You know that flying private is awesome.  You understand that there are real savings in time, energy and hassle.  You desire more of your time back.  You get all of that.  But is it time?  And answering that nagging question starts will getting a handle on costs.

The most common starting question is costs.  And there are 3 types of cost to consider.  The cost of the purchase, the cost of maintaining (fixed costs), and the cost of operating (variable costs).

The cost of purchase can range from $4,000,000 to $20,000,000+

Price is impacted by

  • Size of aircraft (obviously)
  • How far you want to travel on one tank of gas
  • How much comfort and luxury you want to travel in

To help you get started we have selected 3 common choices:

Enough room for a comfortable flight.

Comfortable enough to stand up in.

Large enough to get you almost everywhere in pure comfort.

The fixed costs range from $525,000 to $750,000 per year.  Some of the Fixed Costs are…..  Once you select one of the aircraft highlighted you can get a more specific range.

The variable costs of operating is really a question of what does it cost to fly the aircraft.  That is dependent on a couple of things, but the biggest factor is the aircraft and where you are going.  Select one of the aircraft above. We have created 3 common destinations.

We believe that private aviation is like having a time machine.

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