Kreos Aviation has been managing aircraft from the very beginning.  All the aircraft that we offer for charter, are aircraft that we manage on behalf of the owners.

If you are interested in aircraft ownership, Kreos has the knowledge and the people to acquire an aircraft for you.  Our experts will lay out the steps required in a purchase and can help you get the proper advice from legal and accounting experts.

Below are some of the advantages that Kreos can provide in an acquisition or sale of an aircraft.

  • Detailed analysis of mission profile and required needs
  • Help to maintain the value of your aircraft
  • Manage the complex global regulations of operating an aircraft
  • Work with our industry professional partners to ensure aircraft is safe and operating efficiently
  • Provide the option of 3rd party charter revenue
  • Dedicated dispatch support
  • Transparent accounting of all expenses

We believe buying an aircraft can be simple.

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