Is it time?

This is the question. You have been circling this door for some time now. Is it time?

You use private aviation. You know the benefits of private aviation. There are the things you can describe as well as the things that are just a feeling. A deep powerful feeling. You have joined a very special club. A club that walks up to a plane and gets to fly off. You know that feeling.

But there is another club. Just on the other side of that door. But is it time?

It is one thing to use private aviation as a tool and a way of travel. It is another to be an owner. This is no small decision. Owning an aircraft is big decision. It is complicated.  There is the compliance and government mandated paperwork. Then there is the costs of running and maintaining an aircraft. This is no small decision. Is it time to join that club and become an owner?

It is one thing to be a user. It is quite another to be an owner. This is rarefied air. We will help you figure out if this is the time. We will answer your questions. Help you determine the financials. We will also answer the questions you should be asking. There are a lot of moving parts to this question.

The best part. We get to spend time talking about aircraft…Cool…

Let us help you answer the first question – Is it time?

We believe that flying private is exhilarating.

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