There is a lot to owning an aircraft. Maintenance, pilots, licenses, audits, subscriptions just to name a few. We take care of all the pain points, allowing you to just enjoy the flight. Our management will help maximize the value of your asset. Managing your aircraft with Kreos allows for an owner to choose to access the charter pool, creating a revenue stream back to owners.
We will do a mission profile/needs assessment to help determine what kind of aircraft might be a good fit. We will discuss different aircraft performance details and the costs associated with them. This is a great time to learn about all the different types of aircraft available in the market.
When you own the aircraft, it can be as little as a few hours. Generally a 12 to 24 hours notice allows for effective planning and pilot usage.
Part of our management is to hire qualified pilots. We work with you understand what you’re looking for in a pilot, and keep you informed and involved in the process. Pilots are trained regularly on the aircraft type, and we have a Safety Manager and Chief Pilot to ensure training and regulations are followed.
The aircraft market has seen fluctuations over the last couple of decades. Valuations depend on the type of aircraft, the year it was manufactured, hours on the engines and a host of other options. Kreos utilizes and subscribes to platforms that help understand the market and will keep you proactively informed.
Kreos will evaluate the type of aircraft you have purchased and work with you to help determine the best path forward. One advantage that Kreos offers is we own a maintenance facility in Saskatoon. This allows for increased up time of your aircraft and a constant eye proactively looking at all aspects of the aircraft. Utilizing service centres is also a good way to maintain your aircraft and we participate in the planning at those centres.
Kreos operates all its aircraft with 2 pilots. Depending on your mission profile and charter desire, more pilots may be an option.
Fuel prices can spike depending on the airports that we land at. Our pilots use software to be efficient at which FBO’s we utilize, to help find the most economical choice. Kreos has contracts in place to help with avoiding paying retail rates.
We don’t provide tax advice, but can certainly help putting you in contact with existing owners who are experienced in the tax side of ownership.
Direct operating costs, or variable costs, are the costs associated with the flight hours of your aircraft. This usually is fuel and engine insurance. Some formula’s include maintenance and other items. We can provide detailed information on how to best understand and operate your aircraft.
Kreos charges a Management Fee for its services, and all other costs are intended to be on a flow through basis.
Cabotoge is a term used to describe “illegal charter”. A foreign carrier is not allowed to pickup and dropoff within a country that is different than their registration, while operating a charter. If you own the aircraft, this pickup/dropoff is allowed.
Your aircraft will come with a maintenance schedule based on calendar dates as well as hours flown.
Working with our team, we can help evaluate all the options to make sure you are comfortable and happy with your purchase.
When it comes to making a purchase, a demo can be included as part of the terms of the sale. We can work with many brokers to help satisfy your requests.
Charter can help reduce the cost of ownership. Kreos has established a well-known charter business and constantly works to keep the demand. Kreos will work with you to help understand what kind of charter you might be interested in, and help achieve this goal. Not all owners want to charter their aircraft, but Kreos can help break down the positves and drawbacks to charter.
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